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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

How Can you prove it exist, when you can't prove it does not

Psychic and Medium The Differences

So what really is the difference between a psychic and a medium, and is there a difference? Yes, there is in fact a most definite and distinct one. Both psychics and mediums have been given a third sense or gift (as we like to call it), that enables them to receive information and visions that most of us are unable to. However, they each work with different energy fields and levels to gather those signals.

The difference lies between where the information (via channeling), that they receive comes from. A psychic works with our energy fields here on earth to read and visualize our auras in order to gather information from our past, present and future. A medium on the other hand uses energy that is channeled exclusively and directly from the spirit worlds to communicate with those that have passed on. They receive this information to pass on messages that discarnate's wish to passion to those they left behind in the physical world. Many people are skeptical of both psychics and mediums or anything paranormal simply because it is so different to what we have always been taught, and what we're able to see with our own eyes. The thought of something being there that we cannot see is ludicrous or mysterious to most people.

But the reason it seems mysterious isn't because it is mysterious, it's because people are simply misinformed, or uneducated in the area of paranormal phenomenon. In fact, the more we learn about the field of paranormal phenomenon, the more logical and less mysterious it becomes. When we learn about how paranormal activity generates itself, we can begin to associate it through what we've learned and continue to learn here on earth, namely, energy fields. In fact, all paranormal activity boils down to one thing-energy, plain and simple. Scientists on earth have no problem disputing that there's limitless amounts of energy here in the physical world, and what they also know, is that energy never dies or destructs or disappears, it just changes form. Quantum physicists are also aware of the many different levels of energies that exist, namely thought energies. If people understood how psychics and mediums channel their energy, (very much like how a radio transmits signals through radio waves), they would be a lot less skeptical and think... actually, that does make sense!

Through their sixth sense, and being able to receive information via energy waves, psychics are able to obtain information about the individual both past and present, and more importantly, the future. Psychics also read auras around people to determine their current state of mind, health and emotional state. Auras are simply energy fields that surround us at any given time. Most of us aren't able to see these auras without the help of special equipment, but few people can, including psychics. Given this, we can understand that mediums obtain their information through the same way, the only difference is, and the energy they use to channel information is now coming from the spirit world.

Mediums will tell you that they didn't ask for this ability, it was just always there, and have chosen to make the most of their talent to help others communicate with their loved ones, and eventually be able to finally make the transition from this world and beyond. People usually can't study or train to become mediums, you either have it or you don't. If someone feels they may have the gift, they can then learn how to use it to its full advantage. There are many exercises developed to help people develop and fine tune their psychic abilities. Of course, there is no known way to date to train ourselves to communicate with those that have passed on while conscious (some of us communicate with spirits via our dreams however, during a subconscious state).

Mediums will tell you that they usually need to mentally prepare themselves in order to better receive information from the spirit world. In their most efficient state of mind, they become channels from those that have now passed. Mediums will receive their information through forms of photos (mental visualizations), feelings, senses and real words (or occasionally, simply letters). A medium can be best understood as a middle man between this world and the next. They don't use the energy field in the physical world that a psychic uses however, and therein lays the distinct difference. Given what we now know, mediums become especially useful to paranormal investigators for several reasons.

First, they can determine whether a spirit is even present or not by simply walking through the room. Most paranormal investigators will tell you this is much easier than trying to measure a spirit with equipment! Secondly, through communications with the medium, investigators can find out why the spirit is still around (there's always a reason), and to help the spirit deliver any messages or intents or fulfill its purpose so it can then make the transition and "cross over". This not only relieves those who have been witness to paranormal activity in their home, but also allows the spirit to now  rest in peace, as they say. So while psychics and mediums both use energy fields to channel their information through their senses, those energy fields are derived from two very different worlds-the physical world as we know it, and the next world that ultimately and undeniably awaits us-the fascinating world of the other side: the spirit world.

 By: Former H.O.P.S Member Katia