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Future Investigation

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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

How Can you prove it exist, when you can't prove it does not

Do You Know what is Matrixing

Everyone at one point in their life has done this, have you ever lay down in the grass on your back, looked up at the sky and clouds for a short time and starting to see shapes in the clouds s, dogs, cats. Dinosaurs even shape of human forms. Basically, this means that the human brain tends to shape seemingly jumbled patterns into a coherent and familiar image; often people claim to "see" a human form or face in a complex pattern.

How often paranormal investigators g goes on a case, takes hundreds of pictures of the locations, reviews the pictures taking and starts to see shapes and forms on walls, fireplace, ceilings, at one in instance you start bearing in mind faces of children be ended in the walls of the bedroom, where children m may have been seen as an apparition. The shapes you see in the pictures are part of the walls, looks at the same background color of the wall, but your mind can see the shape of the nose, mouth, cheek even eyes. You believe so much in your finding you are sure of the picture you have taken is authentic, because you have done your research.

Matrixing, is a common and seemingly natural tendency for humans to perceive nonhuman animals or inanimate objects as having human characteristics, one which some suggest provides a window into the way in w which humans perceive themselves. The picture on the left was taken at a Bed and Breakfast. One of our investigators pointed out that there is an imprint on the bed cover, like someone is sitting there, shape of what may be when the buttock and the imprint of two legs may have been. Now as the founder of I'm debunking my own investigator, taught. Matrixing is a powerful tool that t will convince you otherwise, what I may in this picture is that someone may have sat in the bed side just minutes or hour before we got there, taking this picture and posting on our website, will debunk a and criticized, Unless we got evidence to back it up.

The investigator must look at every photo and share his or her finding with the other group members and see what they think about it. This photo is a p perfect example of what matrixing is all about. The shape you see on the wall is identical; to the child, you know haunts the location. Picture on the right was taking at Watson's Mill, it an apparently an apparition of a female e standing on the second last stairs, is this what you would call Matrixing? Matrixing also called anthropomorphizing is a w way the mind converts what you're seeing into something you really want to believe. Your mind does this distinguish of what is in front of you, , how you can identify the color red to blood how you identify the color green to grass.

" You must not get fool when you're going through your photo evidence, identify what you're looking at, trees, grass, , wood, clutter, separate yourself from what you're seeing. The image that you're seeing in the picture is it part of the actual material who is made of, what I mean by this is, look for shapes within the photograph that may have you matrixing. See if the face you are seeing is part of the object. Don't be naïve and come to a conclusion that you have a face or full body apparition in your photo, do your homework, don't come me to a conclusion right away, this is not what paranormal investigator is all about, at least not my group. You must be sure that your evidence can stand up to o scrutiny before revealing it as solid, indisputable evidence of spiritual activity.

 By: Daniel Touchette