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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

How Can you prove it exist, when you can't prove it does not

Amitiville "Was It Real

Have you ever wondered how much your life could change in the time span of a year? Maybe half a year, or even a month? How about 28 days?

That's all it took for the Lutz family to have their lives changed forever. In just 28 days they went from a simple family, just living their everyday lives like any normal family would, to an infamous and unforgettable tale of the crypt, that will be passed on from one generation of paranormal junkies to the next. The story of Amityville has created many novels, movies, articles, arguments, fans and of course, critics. What a lot of people might not know though, is that the story actually starts about thirteen months before the Lutz family move into their cozy new home. It all starts on Wednesday November 13, 1974 at 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, New York, with the Defeo family. On this day, Ronald Defeo Jr. (claiming to have been possessed) is said to have shot and killed his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters with a .35 caliber Marlin 336C rifle.

There are many speculations as to what actually happened that night. One of the most debated alternatives is that Ronald and Dawn had both agreed that they would kill their parents. Dawn got carried away and instead of just killing their parents she killed her siblings also. When Ronald saw this, he became enraged and then shot her.

The reason for this alternative is because it is said that when Dawns body was found, she had gun shot residue on her hand. Whichever the true story is behind this massacre, there is still one thing that even skeptics can't understand. It is the fact that none of the family members had woken up after the shots were fire. The 336 rifle is almost 100 decibels which is equal to a subway train or a loud chainsaw. Some think the Defeos were held down by friends of Ronald, others might think an unholy and unseen force held them there, the decision is yours to make.. On December 23rd, 1975 George and Kathy Lutz move into 112 Ocean Avenue with Kathy's 3 kids and are about to open a whole new controversy in the paranormal industry.

The house was picture perfect so to speak. It was a beautiful six bedroom house on a canal, with a pool and a boathouse. For $80,000 U.S. you couldn't ask for a better deal. Before the Lutz family moved in, a good friend of George Lutz told him that George should get a priest to bless the house because of what had happened in it the year before. George complied and asked Father Ralph Pecoraro (A.K.A. Father "Ray") to bless his house.

After doing so, Father Ray told George that he had an uneasy feeling about an imperticular room upstairs. He recommended that no one sleep in that room, it was the room that Ronald killed his two brothers in. This room was to be used as the Lutz's sewing room. It's been told that when Father Ray went to splash holy water in the house a very deep masculine voice told him to "get out", and Father Ray apparently never told the Lutz family this information before they moved in. . The Lutz family didn't have any trouble for the first couple weeks after moving in. George was quoted saying that he felt "cold spots" in three main places of the property. "There was one in the stairway, one in the basement and one in the boathouse".

George recalls hearing the front door slam shut and running to see who had done it, just to arrive to a sleeping dog in front of that same door and nothing disturbed around it at all. They reported that they would often smell an older woman’s perfume in random places around the house, and that it would move around. Hoards of flies would come out of no where in the middle of winter. One of the oddest things that the Lutz reported was a transformation in Kathy one imperticular night. They say she aged several years in a moments time, but the next morning she was back to her normal self. All these were minor in comparison to the very last night at 112 Ocean Avenue..

On the last night in their "dream house" the Lutz family experienced unimaginable things that would alternately change their lives forever. They reported that there were sounds coming from the basement and main floor that sounded like hundreds of people were down there tuning instruments and making a ruckus. Doors would open and slam close all over the house, including the front door. The kid’s beds were said to have been dragged across their rooms, levitated in the air and then dropped. The Lutz said they couldn't move from their beds, as if being held their by an unseen presence. After they were release they had had enough and fled the house only 28 days after moving in, never to return.. After this horrifying night the Lutz's decided to ask for some help and had a team of paranormal researchers investigate their house.

Ed and Lorraine Warren, two very well known people in the paranormal industry, were among the group of researchers. During their investigation Ed reported to see many shadows and some of them tried to push him down. He also at one point felt as if he was being lifted into the air by an unseen force. Lorraine also had some horrifying experiences. She felt very uncomfortable the entire time, and with each room she went into upstairs she felt more and more horrified. When back on the ground floor she was asked to try to communicate with the spirits in the house. At this time, it is said that the researched from Duke University fainted from fear, that two other researchers had heart palpation problems and that another researcher became so violently ill that she had to leave the house immediately. . Out of this investigation came a very unexplainable picture which to this day cannot be disproved as a fake. It is a picture of what appears to be a young boy in a door way in one of the upstairs bedroom. The picture was taken by a camera on a tripod set to go off every so often. There was no boy in the house during the investigation. Some people speculate it was one of Ronald brothers that he murdered, or it could have possibly been a boy who had drowned on their estate many years before. With the story being passed down and changed from generation to generation like the telephone game, it's hard to say what really did happen. Was The Amityville Horror a hoax to generate fame and wealth for the Lutz family? Or were they actually terrorized by evil spirits in a way that most people will never have happen in their worst nightmares? One thing is for sure though, Kathy and George Lutz took it with them to their graves. Kathleen Lutz passed away in August, 2004 due to emphysema, and only a couple years later on May 8th, 2006, George passed away from heart disease. The true story lies with their kids now, which to this day they still claim truly did take place. So if you ever think that your life will never change, just think of the Lutz family, and how only 28 days can change your life forever. .

 Written By: H.O.P.S former member