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Future Investigation

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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

How Can you prove it exist, when you can't prove it does not


My Place Is Haunted

Many people and institution contacts us pertaining that their home or business have paranormal activity. So Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society taught it would be best to put this page together for you to have a better understanding of what to do before you come to any conclusion that your house is haunted.
The Safety of your family and your health, is the most importance.

Keeping Notes:

It's best when any kind of activity, take place that you keep notes of every little detail. Here are some notes you should keep tract i. The time the event occur, be very specific. ii. The location of where it happens, if more than one location write it down. iii. What time of the day it happened. iv. The person(s) that may have heard or seen the occurrence. v. The kind of weather outside. vi. What was the state of mind of the person or people when the event happened? Journal is a very good way to keep tab on the paranormal event(s) happening. A detail journal can help us recognize any possible pattern thus giving us a good idea of what is going on and the same time letting us know what kind of paranormal activity were dealing with and how to approach it mostly of all telling us where activity is mostly reported and if whom is affected the most. Think rationally: Many old homes have a set character, it's almost like the house comes alive when something is happening. Being a License plumber, I have been in many houses and building that is very old and has old pipes and old electrical outlet and wires even the furnace can sound eerie at times. When the heating system starts you may not even be aware of it, it may do strange and weird noise that you can't explain. Shadows can be caused by car headlights reflecting in the windows and even mirrors, causing a reflection hitting an object, then shadowing in a particular location and area. Old houses may still have an old wooden floor that squeaks while the heating system or central air is on. So before coming to conclusion, do your own little investigation and try to find a logical explanation for the occurrences. After all of this investigation, and all has been done, and you still have activity that can't be explained STAY CALM!! In many cases, the activity is non malignant, and just trying to find a way to communicate it will not harm no one. Just fill up the form below and we will get back to you within 2 days of when we receive your form.  

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My Place Is Haunted