Letter to all paranormal organisations - escalating mental disturbance causing suicide and confrontation

Dear 'Paranormal Investigator' seeking to understand paranormal activity - I have written much on this subject so please read the below extracted from my SUICIDE document that has many articles in IT.

The ‘harmoniser’

Helping Discarnate Spirit People and the ‘mentally disturbed’ in this material world

There are more and more people now becoming depressed and suicidal or angry and destructive due to the factors revealed in the ‘Brief Summary’ of my Testament of truth web site. < /p>\

The intensifying power and nature of their inner dark (negative) emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, criticism, vanity, pride etc., is enabling their minds to become more ‘focal’ (focused upon) by invisible spirit forces that have the same dark energy within them, and the invisible dark essence of the energy of God flows through with more and more intensity unless it is ‘checked’ by the individual, be they the incarnate one or those in spirit realms.

There are also many spirits residing ‘alongside’ this material level who are discarnate. (Not in physical bodies) Some are indigenous people who have lived in earthly communities close to the land and who on their earthly death, joined others of their tribe living in ‘earth-bound’ * discarnate communities.

Note; ‘earth-bound’ * - Living in a realm of consciousness that is adjacent to this material world.

The purpose of this document is to help those of God’s ‘Helpers’ to bring ‘relief’ to sufferers, be they the ‘lost, deceived, aggressive or fearful’ incarnate or discarnate, and to also elevate their consciousness through education, so that everyone can become better informed and more able to stem the tide of dark energy and telepathic thoughts seeking to flow through them control them, and to ultimately ‘possess’ and destroy them.

With the escalation in negativity on this and all levels outside of the pure Light, some of these discarnate spirits are seeking the means to leave their earth bound state or the realm within they presently are ‘bound,’ others are not and they ‘actively’ interfere in the minds of those in the flesh to cause disharmony. Many are also urgently seeking spiritual truth. All need help and guidance. (Redirection)

We spirits living in fleshly bodies on this earth all have the ability to communicate with these, our invisible sisters and brothers, and are at times "approached" by these discarnate spirits. This may happen when we visit places where they are "congregated" such as around their ancient camp sites, monuments or where they had been massacred when incarnate. These spirits can also be attached to their material indigenous artefacts.

These spirits can at times cause us considerable mental and emotional discomfort as they attempt to interfere telepathically in our minds and in our lives, and it is important if we are approached (become aware of them or their mental influence) that we give them our attention and time and respect as we communicate either verbally or mentally with them.

This communication is not a conversation, it is simply you telling them ‘something,’ namely that they must not communicate telepathically with people in the flesh nor with spirit people on other levels of consciousness as this is ‘interference and control’ in the lives of others and, to help them ‘desist’ from this interference and thus set themselves free they need to listen to what you have to say and to daily say the star prayer. (Given below)

You will be of great assistance to them if you sit quietly and say; “Please gather around as I wish to say something to you that will assist all of you.” You then read out aloud the “Brief Summary’ and tell them anything else you are inspired to. You then tell them to look up and see the star of love and to say with you the star prayer that you then speak out aloud, and then say “I wish you well on your journey, please remember to only be kind and forgiving so that God sees that you are living His word, and you must never fight others nor try to protect yourself using force if others intend to cause you harm.”

You can tell them that it is God’s Command of us to; “Love one another” and thus we are to be: “Only loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving, living in peaceful co-existence.” You can also tell them God’s singular Law is: “As you sow so you reap” and that at this time when we are facing our past accrued ‘karma’ and suffer as our past negative actions are forcefully imposed upon us we must not retaliate in anyway.

Everyone has strayed far from God’s Truth and His Light, and everyone needs to now learn of the absolute power of God and the reasons ‘why’ one must never use force nor must we punish others nor fight.

Remember, all are God's precious children, and the spiritual destiny of 'each' lies within their own 'power' and all one can do to help another is to be sincere, kind, truthful and loving. Ultimately one cannot 'do it for them' as the freedom of choice lies within the individual. I attach a few more documents from my web site to assist the reader.


if you wish to assist the invisible spirit people that are trapped or are 'critically, judgmentally, or destructively' interfering in the minds' of incarnate people, you may simply sit quietly with a friend or alone and say: "I am calling out to any person in spirit that is operating mentally via the mind of (the name of the person you are concerned for) - - - I ask you to please now gather around and listen to the spirit of truth as he speaks out to the spirit people linking in to 'Inge,' (lady referred to on the MP3 disc) for what he says to them applies to all of you and, if you are sincere and wish to help yourselves then you will be assisted