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Precursor Sounds in Physical Phenomena

Many members have talked and written to us about a noise that is often heard right before an EVP message. It appears before some of our own EVP. It is a loud, or not so loud, click, pop, boom or crackling sound. Some have described it as similar to the sound of someone keying a microphone. One noted researcher likened the noise to a micro sonic boom. When we are listening back to an EVP recording and hear this sound, we listen more intently to what comes next. If you are one of the many people who have experienced this noise you know what I am talking about.

Not all EVP messages are preceded by this precursor, “popping” sound. For us it is an occasional occurrence. But when we hear it we are not unlike Pavlov’s dogs, ears perked up waiting for that reward. The click, if there, means a reward of an EVP. It, for us, usually signals a better than average EVP as far as loudness, quality and clarity is concerned. Geoff Viney in his book Surviving Death, Evidence of the Afterlife discusses this mysterious sound in relation to other types of phenomena. [Please note that Viney reported that Peter Thorneycrof did the work in the RAF museum (below). We have subsequently learned that the work was conducted by his nephew, Ivan Spenceley.]

•In 1986 the downstairs rooms, in a farmhouse in England, were infiltrated with the voices of those who appeared to be former residents. The voices were heard over several nights. The voices began and ended with a distinct “click” as if a radio had been turned on and off. Investigators looked for a receiver or a transmitter, but none was found. Natural explanations for the phenomena were ruled out. • In 1973 the owner of a converted lighthouse in Maryland repeatedly had his sleep interrupted by the racket of doors banging, furniture moving and footsteps. A “clicking” sound preceded these manifestations. Upon further investigation nothing in the area that the noises came from appeared out of place. The building's owner decided to try and record what he was hearing and left a tape recorder running. The tape contained voices and extraneous noises. Some of these voices talked about the treatment of injuries. A local librarian helped research the home and to everyone’s amazement found that the building was used as a field hospital during the Civil War.  

• The anomalous events centering on a World War II Lincoln bomber at the RAF Cosford Aerospace Museum were researched in 1990 by the British investigator Ivan Spenceley. The strange sounds of scratches, squeaks, girl’s voices, bumps and human sighs had been reported in the vicinity of the bomber. The staff had seen phantom air crews and dramatic drops in temperature were reported. Other phenomena included the movement of switches and the rotation of the wheels of the aircraft. Thorneycroft saw moving points of bright light and also heard and recorded many anomalous sounds within the aircraft. These sounds, which were most often mechanical movement type noises, were analyzed and it was found that they always began with a discernable blip on the tape similar to that produced by a sudden burst of static.

The clicking noise associated with EVP messages has been the center of considerable conversation for quite sometime. Perhaps this sound is caused by a dimensional breakthrough and is an artifact of spirit world energy entering the physical world. The above stories might point to this type of answer. Paolo Presi on page 3 of this newsletter reports on Carlo Trajna’s “Psychotemporal Model” in which “Psychic Time” flows differently from “Physical Time.” Is this anomalous sound before EVP messages caused from a shift in time as the two aspects of reality link up?

Alexander MacRae used an oscilloscope in analyzing a well-known recording from the Palace Hotel. When viewing this recording Alec noticed that the level of background noise (whistles, hums and buzzing which were side effects of the equipment) on the oscilloscope almost went to zero. Three or four seconds after the background noise disappeared, a woman’s voice was heard to say “Now.” Two seconds later, a male voice was recorded with a personal message for his sister who was in the audience. Another few seconds passed and a female voice said, “Finish,” and then the background noise once again returned to normal on the oscilloscope. Perhaps the precursor noise we hear on our recordings is similar to the word “Now” heard on Alexander’s recording.

It may simply be a signal or a cue for us to listen closely to what comes next. Is this noise similar to our telephone ringing letting us know that someone is calling? Alexander’s recording may point to another possible fact, and that is that the entities need and gather all available noise and energy to get their message through to us. Do those on the other side have equipment that they use to try and contact us? Are researchers, indeed, hearing the keying of something like a microphone? And are those on the other side doing this? Several researchers in the past and present say that they have been in contact with groups on the other side that state that they have developed apparatus for communication with researchers on this side and that this development continues.


The Notorious Orb

In this investigator's humble opinion, the 'orb' is one of the most contentious and discrediting phenomenon in the paranormal field. Like 'ectoplasm' ie. usually cigarette smoke, breath on a cold day, dust or otherwise, orbs are incredibly easy to debunk, extremely difficult to support and can bring damage to the reputation of any investigative group in all but the most extraordinary of cases. Thanks to modern media (tv, internet etc.) the orb has become one of the staples of the paranormal investigation, with wide publicity from shows such as 'Ghost Hunters', 'Ghost Adventures' and the like. However, when closely considered, they are generally little more than filler for lack of other evidence.

When reviewing photos/video of these phenomenon with a skeptical eye, they are easy to discredit, weaken or outright debunk due to the ambiguity and lack of support that they are generally accompanied by. Thus, use of them as 'evidence' is both a slippery slope toward wishful thinking and projection of intent. In the vast majority of cases, orbs are dust, either free floating in the environment, or attached to a camera lens. The fact that we film/photograph in the dark, using a directed artificial light sources (either white or IR), is the main culprit in such events. Where in daytime filming, ambient and natural light are the source of illumination, in the dark, the light sources provided by the investigator's equipment are the only light source.

As most well know, our vision, and similarly, the light sensing capacity of our gear is dependent of light photons being reflected off of an object and that light (minus various EM frequencies absorbed resulting in color) has illuminated. In ambient light, photons are coming from various if not all directions. This produces the full illumination that we generally enjoy during the day, or in a lighted room. In such environments, it's unlikely to see an 'orb' as the light reflected toward our eyes and equipment drowns out the reflected light of all but a few small objects in the air, or on our lenses.

However, when filming in the dark, this is not the case. The light produced from the equipment is projected in the specific direction of the intent to capture, resulting in a direct reflection of those things in the atmosphere, without simultaneous light sources drowning it out. In this, the photons are directed straight back toward either the eye, or the camera creating a highly illuminated spot in a relative void of light. This gives the appearance of a free-floating ball of energy. This is exacerbated by the fact that the camera will not be able to adequately focus on this spot due to its small size, and will chose instead to focus on the larger aspects of the environment, thus creating an apparently larger, spherical shape which characterizes most of these phenomenon.

As well as dust, this can be caused by a variety of sources, from water droplets, insects, clothing fibers, pole and the like. Further, the fact that in many of these shows, they identify these things due to their apparent 'intelligent' movement, as proof of paranormal. This is also easily debunked with simple physics.

When we move, breath or otherwise disturb the air in the environment, we create currents, albeit sometimes very subtle that will affect the movement of anything suspended in the air. This can cause these free floating reflective particles to move in unexpected ways, such as toward, away from or around a person or object. This is also true of natural air currents in the location. Furthermore, in the case of small flying insects, it's obvious that they are self-propelled. As well, one consideration that is frequently neglected is static electricity. When moving through an environment, particularly a dry one, our clothes and movement will generate an electric field, which will also attract, repel or disturb small and easily influenced particles in the air. This is why frequently; the orb is seen to 'go into' a person. It's the dust being quickly drawn to their static field, causing it to accelerate toward the person.

Therefore, given the compelling and broad range of ways to debunk 'orbs', the consideration of using them as evidence of the paranormal serves more to open up an investigator or group to significant questioning of their ability, professionalism and integrity.


Forensic Photography as it Relates to Paranormal Investigations.

Many parallels can be drawn between the art of forensic photography and photography utilized for paranormal investigations. The purpose for this quick guide is not to make anyone a photojournalist, but to attempt to explain some of those similarities and techniques so that they may be of aid to the paranormal investigator. As everyone has differing cameras and various knowledge of the more advanced settings, I will not discuss cameras or camera settings. My primary focus is to talk technique.

When photographing any scenes, the aim should be to record a maximum of useful information, which will enable a viewer not in attendance to understand where, and how the scene is laid out and any contributing factors to the shot. The term “scene” refers not only to the immediate locality, but also to the adjacent areas where important acts occurred or may occur. Overlapping photographs should be taken of the exterior of the scene to show its locale in relation to the rest of the neighborhood. Place the camera on a tripod or hold it steady at eye level so the horizon line is constant for each shot. The photograph can be cut and pasted together to create a panoramic view of the scene.

When photographing the interiors of room, utilizing a 35mm camera or it’s digital equivalent, use a normal lens (45mm to 55mm) in stead of a wide angle lens. Wide-angle lens’ creates distortion, especially when close up photographs are taken. (the distance between objects appears to be greater than it actually is).

The camera should be held with a vertical format and overlapping photographs should be obtained. A vertical format insures that the scene will be observed from the top of the walls to the floor. Once again, a composite photograph can be created. Once the initial overlapping photos have been taken of any particular area, it is not necessary to repeat the process for this area. At a minimum the photographer wants 3 exposures of a photographed area. For example, I am photographing a chair located in the corner of the room. I would take three photos of the same chair from the same location. This is done for a couple of reasons. A. to ensure at least one good photo, B. to capture anything that may be unobserved to the eye at the time of the photo, and, C. for comparison purposes to rule out ambient variables. When taking primary overlapping photo’s it is important that the photographer resists the temptation to change the zoom setting on the camera. All overlapping photos must be taken using a consistent perspective. To do other wise defeats the purpose of creating a panoramic photo.

By performing the aforementioned steps, the investigator has developed a base line for future photos. From here any additional photos will have a point of reference with the initial ones and all photos will depict any changes to the environment or items, which may have been moved from their original positions.

Videotaping scene's has become common practice, however, it should never replace still photography. Common errors committed when videotaping a scene include panning the camera rapidly, poor focusing and lighting and improper use of the zoom feature of the cameras. The cameraman should describe on tape each room and view of the scene during their initial shots. Common practice for both photography and video, is to stand at the primary entrance to the room/area and photograph left to right, or vice versa prior to entering. Once the photographer has developed a comfortable routine and become accustomed to this technique it will become second nature.

Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society


Letter to all paranormal organisations - escalating mental disturbance causing suicide and confrontation

Dear 'Paranormal Investigator' seeking to understand paranormal activity - I have written much on this subject so please read the below extracted from my SUICIDE document that has many articles in IT.

The ‘harmoniser’

Helping Discarnate Spirit People and the ‘mentally disturbed’ in this material world

There are more and more people now becoming depressed and suicidal or angry and destructive due to the factors revealed in the ‘Brief Summary’ of my Testament of truth web site. < /p>\

The intensifying power and nature of their inner dark (negative) emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, criticism, vanity, pride etc., is enabling their minds to become more ‘focal’ (focused upon) by invisible spirit forces that have the same dark energy within them, and the invisible dark essence of the energy of God flows through with more and more intensity unless it is ‘checked’ by the individual, be they the incarnate one or those in spirit realms.

There are also many spirits residing ‘alongside’ this material level who are discarnate. (Not in physical bodies) Some are indigenous people who have lived in earthly communities close to the land and who on their earthly death, joined others of their tribe living in ‘earth-bound’ * discarnate communities.

Note; ‘earth-bound’ * - Living in a realm of consciousness that is adjacent to this material world.

The purpose of this document is to help those of God’s ‘Helpers’ to bring ‘relief’ to sufferers, be they the ‘lost, deceived, aggressive or fearful’ incarnate or discarnate, and to also elevate their consciousness through education, so that everyone can become better informed and more able to stem the tide of dark energy and telepathic thoughts seeking to flow through them control them, and to ultimately ‘possess’ and destroy them.

With the escalation in negativity on this and all levels outside of the pure Light, some of these discarnate spirits are seeking the means to leave their earth bound state or the realm within they presently are ‘bound,’ others are not and they ‘actively’ interfere in the minds of those in the flesh to cause disharmony. Many are also urgently seeking spiritual truth. All need help and guidance. (Redirection)

We spirits living in fleshly bodies on this earth all have the ability to communicate with these, our invisible sisters and brothers, and are at times "approached" by these discarnate spirits. This may happen when we visit places where they are "congregated" such as around their ancient camp sites, monuments or where they had been massacred when incarnate. These spirits can also be attached to their material indigenous artefacts.

These spirits can at times cause us considerable mental and emotional discomfort as they attempt to interfere telepathically in our minds and in our lives, and it is important if we are approached (become aware of them or their mental influence) that we give them our attention and time and respect as we communicate either verbally or mentally with them.

This communication is not a conversation, it is simply you telling them ‘something,’ namely that they must not communicate telepathically with people in the flesh nor with spirit people on other levels of consciousness as this is ‘interference and control’ in the lives of others and, to help them ‘desist’ from this interference and thus set themselves free they need to listen to what you have to say and to daily say the star prayer. (Given below)

You will be of great assistance to them if you sit quietly and say; “Please gather around as I wish to say something to you that will assist all of you.” You then read out aloud the “Brief Summary’ and tell them anything else you are inspired to. You then tell them to look up and see the star of love and to say with you the star prayer that you then speak out aloud, and then say “I wish you well on your journey, please remember to only be kind and forgiving so that God sees that you are living His word, and you must never fight others nor try to protect yourself using force if others intend to cause you harm.”

You can tell them that it is God’s Command of us to; “Love one another” and thus we are to be: “Only loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving, living in peaceful co-existence.” You can also tell them God’s singular Law is: “As you sow so you reap” and that at this time when we are facing our past accrued ‘karma’ and suffer as our past negative actions are forcefully imposed upon us we must not retaliate in anyway.

Everyone has strayed far from God’s Truth and His Light, and everyone needs to now learn of the absolute power of God and the reasons ‘why’ one must never use force nor must we punish others nor fight.

Remember, all are God's precious children, and the spiritual destiny of 'each' lies within their own 'power' and all one can do to help another is to be sincere, kind, truthful and loving. Ultimately one cannot 'do it for them' as the freedom of choice lies within the individual. I attach a few more documents from my web site to assist the reader.


if you wish to assist the invisible spirit people that are trapped or are 'critically, judgmentally, or destructively' interfering in the minds' of incarnate people, you may simply sit quietly with a friend or alone and say: "I am calling out to any person in spirit that is operating mentally via the mind of (the name of the person you are concerned for) - - - I ask you to please now gather around and listen to the spirit of truth as he speaks out to the spirit people linking in to 'Inge,' (lady referred to on the MP3 disc) for what he says to them applies to all of you and, if you are sincere and wish to help yourselves then you will be assisted

The Reality Of A Group Leadership

I’ve been hearing of some pretty unsavory behavior by people who used to be members of another team, but who aren’t anymore, and I have to say, it’s pretty disheartening. Here’s a quick observation from one team leader to a whole bunch of others:

As noble as your cause may be in your mind, it would be an overestimation to imagine your team members are AS invested in your vision of your team as you are, so try not to feel too betrayed when they leave you hanging, abandon your group altogether, or otherwise hang you out to dry publicly, or just with those people they know are really super important to you (and your team). This is especially difficult to do when you became so close, had so much (seemingly) in common, and you really bought into the “we’re in this together” vibe, and the “we’re friends” scenarios. You surely realize just how deep that friendship really ran now that they’re no longer on your team, and are out and about doing things friends would never to do each other – which is somewhat the point of this lengthy post.

Know – and if you didn’t already know, ‘know it’ after you read this posting – that your team members aren’t necessarily joining your group to take their rightful place among your worthy ranks, to remain there forever. No. Not even close. Most, although rarely will you be told this truth, have ulterior motives, and while an overwhelming majority of these motives are NOT sinister in nature, they may be a bit offensive to your sense of “we’re all one big happy family!” when you realize what those motives were/are, after they’ve left (or were asked to leave) your group. Try your hardest not to buy into the BS. People will tell you a whole heck of a lot of things to get onto your team and to be counted among your membership. It’s quite amazing what people will do just to be listed on a website with a T-shirt that matches everyone else’s, and it’s an incredible case study in human behavior to see what some of those same people will do once you tell them they’re no longer allowed to wear the T-Shirt, are no longer team members of your group, and will no longer be listed on your website.

And honestly, it doesn’t matter what their role is in their dismissal, you’ll always be the bad guy in whatever scenario arose. They could have; refused to review evidence, told you ‘point-blank’ they’re not doing the same team tasks all other members are doing, contacted clients behind your back, and cut you off – entirely – regarding communication, which you’d probably think meant they no longer wanted to be a part of your team, but nope. The moment you say the words out loud, not matter how tactfully it’s approached, dismissing a member is always your fault – which, I suppose is almost as bad as having any member who will behave in questionable ways such as what’s written above, but who will become instantly offended the moment they realize they’re not being invited to investigations anymore, but … I digress. The point of this last part is, you simply can’t win with some people, and understanding that people will tell you just about anything you want to hear to get onto your team? Is probably going to put you ahead of the curve.

To Ex-Paranormal-Team-Members - When you join a team it’s somewhat of a privilege. It is. Ask any established team leader how difficult it is to properly train an investigator. How much time that process takes. And ask any seasoned MEMBER of a paranormal investigation team just how much they’ve put into their team experience. If they’re going about it properly (not trespassing or breaking laws during investigations, etc…) most, if not all, will tell you there’s a fair amount of work involved in making an organization successful and keeping it up there in terms of image and respect within their communities. It’s just a fact. And if a team isn’t constantly working to better their team or their team experience (aka “keeping their team busy, particularly with investigations) then they’re spending a whole lot of down time just waiting around for the next great thing to fall into their lap. Honestly —> how often do great things just … ‘fall into your lap’ in the rest of your life when you’re not working for it? hmmmm? Well, *gasp* SHOCKER —-> in paranormal it’s pretty much the same way. A team doesn’t put up a website and suddenly they’re loaded with investigations. They’ve got to work just as hard as any other team out there, so yeah, welcoming you into the mix of their team? Is a big deal … and yes … you should consider your presence among them as a privilege. They’ve earned their stars. You haven’t. Hopefully, you will. But until you prove yourself, you’re little more than a “gamble” to your peers. A “hopefully they’ll work out”… A “risk”… a risk worth taking? Probably, but still… a risk. And to those who have invested MUCH? An unnecessary risk, at times. So let’s talk “boundaries” for a second, shall we?

When you leave a paranormal investigation team, particularly one that has a private client base, you are leaving the ENTIRETY of your experience within that team. This means ‘hands off’ what isn’t yours. You left. You leave it ALL behind. When you joined this team you agreed to work toward the same goals as everyone else within that group because that is how your membership is/was defined. This means when you leave the group, you do so as an individual, and you do NOT get to take any of your group’s clients, team members, knowledge base, research, location contacts, location information – including lists of places your ex-team may have been working with or interested in investigating… and so on and so forth. I’m sure you get the picture.

It also means, you don’t trash talk, defame, or otherwise stab your ex-team in the heart with whatever means you find personally appropriate given the unfairness of the situation you find yourself, which put you “on the outside looking in”. From a team leader perspective I find these truths hold firm, above all: 1. Team leaders work very hard to train newbies, and to keep their groups afloat and busy. They are in NO hurry to remove or replace established members. If you think otherwise you may want to see a professional about your ‘personal insecurities’ issue. 2. Incoming members sometimes promise things they have no desire/means to possibly deliver. The problem with getting on a team, based on promises you’re never going to keep is – the team probably still needs/wants the things you said you’d do. And, if you don’t do them, well… you can imagine the disappointment at the realization, and also why your dismissal probably isn’t too far off in the future.

3. There is nothing more irritating, insulting, or degrading to the entirety of the rest of the team than having ‘investigators’ who have plenty of time to investigate, but are SO incredibly busy in other areas of their lives that they simply cannot afford the time to spare for other necessary group activities unless it specifically has to do with public appearances, photo ops, or investigations. If it puts their face in the public eye? They’ve got plenty of time. If it puts them on the team website? They’re there. If it gets them on a YouTube video so everyone can see them investigating? They’ll arrive early. If it puts them on television? They’re there with bells on. But if it means any of that … *other* stuff … the stuff the rest of the team calls “work”, well, you can count them out. Evidence review? No way, it takes too long. Researching new investigation locations? Heck no! The team leaders should be doing that, that’s their job. For cripes sake, Team Leaders should be counting their lucky stars they have you as a team member, right? WRONG. 4. Team Leaders do not exist to supply group members with an unending supply of investigation opportunities. How perfect this paranormal experience would be for every Ghost-Hunter-Wannabe the entire world over if that’s what Team Leaders were ultimately and solely responsible for —> researching hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks, working angles, courting location managers/owners, scheduling and meeting investigation location criteria (insurance? Attending: board meetings? public town meetings? Multiple in-person trips to scout location, etc…) all so you can have a fun night investigating a location and calling yourself a paranormal investigator.

The bottom line is this, Being a member of a team/group/organization is a shared experience and when you join that shared experience you join to become a part of a collective. Sure, learn things while you’re there. Pick up the know-how of the trade. But when you leave a group, you LEAVE the GROUP, and you leave everything that belongs to that group WITH that group. You take NOTHING with you. It’s called respect.

Anything else is called “I was a mole for the entire time I was a part of that group, and all this stuff I took with me from that group after I left? is my proof. All this trash talking, undercutting and backstabbing I’m doing now that I’m no longer a part of that group? Shows you who I really was when I was a member of that group and who I really am now that I’m no longer a member of that group. ALL of this is the character the foundation my new group will be built on.” Building your group by stealing from another group… or by cutting another group off at the knees is a heck of an interesting way to make a name for yourself. THINK. PEOPLE. THINK. Because as much as paranormal would like to convince you “paranormal unity” is all about this big happy family we all belong to, where everyone gets along, and the world is filled with rainbows and ponies… the truth is… we’re all watching each other as much as we’re being watched. If you want to make a name for yourself, it’s probably best you do it the same way every other group worth an iota of respect has done – and that’s working it, DAILY, from the ground up. By your own wits, your own means, and your own WORK. The End.


April Recruitment Day

Serious about joining a paranormal investigating team?. Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society will give you the opportunity Sunday April 14th 2019 at the Ottawa Public Library - Hazeldean.


50 Castlefrank Rd, Kanata.


from 1:30 P.M Till 4:30 P.M.

Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society (H.O.P.S.) monthly meetings have topics associated with everything that has to do with the Paranormal. We converse about our recent Investigations, events, research, etc.….

You will have the opportunity to meet members from all professions! Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society monthly meetings are held on every second Saturday of the month (some exception may apply) from 7:00 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. We Discover, share, and learn about the paranormal! Membership to Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society is FREE to all.

Next month in April its on a Sunday from 1:30 P.M. till 4:30 P.M. in April we are recruiting dedicated, serious members who's willing to spend the time investing in this group.

If you think this may interest you please come and see us, bring a pen and note pad, even write down questions you may have for the group

Refreshment will be available...