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MartinTown Grist Mill

Future Investigation

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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

About Haunted Ottawa

(H.O.P.S.) is a dedicated FREE VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION of people who do not have any preconceived or established beliefs about the paranormal. Together, we have a combined 25 years of paranormal experience. We are open-minded about ideas, beliefs, and further research and experimentation. Like most paranormal investigators around the world today, we are always learning and gathering knowledge as we explore and investigate reported hauntings around Ontario. We make our findings publicly available whenever possible so that the public can also share in our knowledge and discoveries. H.O.P.S. was formed in 2001 and is one of the first groups to offer public membership. H.O.P.S is dedicated to providing paranormal evidence from around North America. Read More...

 Experiencing A Hauntings !

Do you get and unwelcoming feeling your being watch even you feel your location may be haunted? If so, go to our contact page Click HERE. If you have any suggestions on location you would like Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society to  investigation please e-mail your suggestion to us! Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society anything that is "Supernatural" and Paranormal, such as Cryptozoology literally, "study of hidden animals") is a pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. e-mail us today.

Our Local History

Watson's  Mill

In 1860, along the Rideau Canal, Moss Kent Dickinson and his partner, Joseph Currier, built the Long Island Flouring Mill in what is now know as the historic Dickinson Square in the picturesque village of Manotick, to which Dickinson founded and named after an Ojibwa word meaning “Island in the river”. The mill was constructed of limestone quarried from the riverbank of the western channel of the Rideau River and is older than Canada itself..

Moss Kent Dickinson was born in Denmark, New York in 1822, his family relocated to Cornwall, Ontario in 1827. Joseph Currier was born in North Troy, Vermont in 1820, his family moved to Canada in 1836. In 1858 he became partners with Dickinson to open the Long Island Mill. Both men were in the lumber business and teamed up for this new and exciting opportunity. They obtained the water rights to the head of water at the newly constructed dam on the back channel of the Rideau River. The Mill was officially opened on Valentine’s Day in 1860.

The saw and grist mill served as the economic basis for the formation of the village. Anna Elizabeth Crosby was born in Caldwell near Lake George, New York on May 29, 1841, her family owned a hotel called the Crosbyside Hotel and it was there that she met Joseph Currier, twenty-one years her senior. On January 25, 1861, Joseph and Anne were married, and after a month long honeymoon, Joseph brought his new bride back to Manotick to celebrate the first anniversary and success of the Mill. On March 11, 1861, in the early afternoon, Ann and other guests were descending the stairway from the third floor to the second (at the time, the staircase ran adjacent to where it is today) when Anne’s long dress became caught in the turbine flinging her against a wood pillar, striking her head, killing her instantly.

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Thinking Of Joining Our Team

Theirs one thing I enjoy the most about being the founder of a paranormal team, is having new members joining our "ELITE" investigating team. This field is growing so fast like weed, theirs a paranormal team almost on every corner of a local town. We are a growing investigation group learning everyday from past and current investigation we have members from all walk of life, from plumbers to it consultant to paramedic to architect to retiree.

We are dedicated FREE VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION of people. Bring a new member to our organization you just don’t become a team member you are part of a family that shares the same passion as everyone else at Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society. When we work closely, as we do on investigations we built character, trust ,and relationships.


H.E.L.P. My Place is haunted

Many people and institution contacts us pertaining that their home or business have paranormal activity. So Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society taught it would be best to put this page together for you to have a better understanding of what to do before you come to any conclusion that your house is haunted.

The Safety of your family and your health, is the most importance.

Keeping Notes

It's best when any kind of activity, take place that you keep notes of every little detail. Here are some notes you should keep tract i. The time the event occur, be very specific. ii. The location of where it happens, if more than one location write it down. iii. What time of the day it happened. iv. The person(s) that may have heard or seen the occurrence. v. The kind of weather outside. vi. What was the state of mind of the person or people when the event happened? Journal is a very good way to keep tab on the paranormal event(s) happening. A detail journal can help us recognize any possible pattern thus giving us a good idea of what is going on and the same time letting us know what kind of paranormal activity were dealing with and how to approach it mostly of all telling us where activity is mostly reported and if whom is affected the most. Think rationally: Many old homes have a set character, it's almost like the house comes alive when something is happening.