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Future Investigation

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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

About Our Paranormal Investigators

Daniel/Founder/Director Of Operations


Passionate about the paranormal, Daniel has been involved in this field for over 25 years now. He founded Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society (H.O.P.S) in 2001.

As a Certified Web Designer and a License Plumber over 34 years, Daniel’s past time consist of studying and educating himself even more in the paranormal but most of all he loves spending time with his daughter Amber Rose. Daniel is working on writing his first book on the paranormal.

As an ardent Paranormal Investigator, Daniel has a serious and strong interest studying and researching the past 3 years in Spiritual Warfare Demonology, identifying Negative Energy, Shielding and Grounding Techniques. Numerous experiences have given Daniel a passion to share his visions and mission towards the success of Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society.

Roger/Asssistant Director

Bio Coming Soon.


Bio Coming Soon.

George/Public Relations

Georges main thesis is that religion and science do not have to be mortal enemies but can in fact reinforce each other as compatible allies in the understanding of forces both visible and invisible to the naked eye. George states “ Just because we didn’t experience a phenomenon with our 5 senses- does not mean that it didn’t happen. Faith begs for the result or the miracle that science wishes to demonstrate and prove. It has long been held that the theory of relativity holds valid ground, but unless we knew how to surpass the speed of light-it is for all intents and purposes-still only just a theory. Ergo if one can (believe) in this facet of science than what is stopping humanity from believing in Divine Intelligence which holds that balance of all things in unison.”

For that matter energy is neither created nor destroyed. It always is and can mutate from one for to the next when it is finished passing through something. Ergo when someone passes away their energy has to go somewhere. It just has to! Discovering such multi-dimensional possibilities are what keeps a guy like me getting out of bed every morning and doing investigations to ask the questions.

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