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MartinTown Grist Mill

Future Investigation

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Established - January 2001

Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

"To the believer, we have an overabundance of evidence. To the nonbeliever, we never have enough".

"How Can you prove it exist, when you can't prove it does not"

Haunted Ottawa (H.O.P.S)Welcome you to our Open Public Paranormal Investigation. (O.P.P.I).

Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society (H.O.P.S.) had an inspiration to attract the public to locations that we previously investigated but paranormal enthusiast may not have access the during the evening hours. The idea was to educate, experience paranormal activity and increase awareness of these historic valuable sites and give you a look into how H.O.P.S. collects data for our research.

Some areas within the buildings are not available to the general public and can only be accessed during a H.O.P.S. investigation.

H.O.P.S in 2004 gave birth to this idea the Open Public Paranormal Investigations (O.P.P.I). The vision was to raise funds for non for profit organizations such as Watson's Mill and our new added location The Bytown Museum. Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society with the Open Public Paranormal Investigations has raise well over $50,000.00. Haunted Ottawa is the founders of the O.P.P.I here in Ottawa and exclusive to H.O.P.S. The past years other paranormal organizations followed in our footsteps.

Bytown Museum Added to our Public Investigation tour in 2013

BYTOWN MUSEUM Where History comes to life!



Embark on this Museum fundraiser and Public Paranormal Investigation (O.P.P.I) with a guided tour to learn about the stories and historic personalities who shaped the early history of our nation capital from the Commissariats role during the construction of the Rideau Canal, Bytown, the most dangerous place to live in all of British North America up to 1845, and the events leading up to burning of Parliament Hill, 1916.watson public

Whether you are a skeptic or true believer, let HOPS be your guide with expert guidance, you will gain knowledge of the procedures used, collect data and investigate various locations throughout the building using the equipment provided. Time is from 7 P.M. till 12: A.M .

The BYTOWN MUSEUM 1 Canal Lane, Ottawa Ontario 613-234-4570 X 221

October 13 2018 ,Watson's Mill Private Investigation.(Tickets Limited)

-For the first time ever offered on a public investigation, you will have a chance to investigate Watson's Mill for a full night. this investigation is only offered to limited guest so tickets are limited, you will be right in the footsteps of H.O.P.S investigators you will set up the equipment, do base readings before the evening starts, you will get knowledge the techniques the members uses to set up specific equipment at certain locations.

Reserve your tickets now for this full investigation within the haunted walls of Watson's Mill. Become one of our volunteer/guest and you will have the opportunity to be in the "CORE" of the Activities.

Summer Investigation

Summer Public Investigation are much different that the fall public Investigation. The summer one is limited to about 10 to 20 guest compared to 15 to 30 in the fall. Summer investigation you spend the approximate same amount of time at each investigation locations, with your lead investigator.

public-1You will have more time to spend at one location with equipment and investigating. You are not rushed through each location, you spend about 1.5 hour compared to around 50 to 55 minutes during the fall investigations. Most of all you have a chance to investigate in a different kind of environment during the summer.

Take this opportunity to investigate during both season, Summer and Fall.

© founded in 2004, This unique opportunity is exclusive to H.O.P.S.

You, along with our team, will spend hours in one of the most haunted mill and museum in Ontario. Find out aboutcamwatson public the intriguing history of the MILL and why Watson's Mill is legendarily identified for its paranormal activity. Spend time in the area where one of our investigators had a personal experience of being thrown out of his chair while on the third floor. Discover what happened to our director when he ask Anne "give me a sign", what kind if sign he received. Discover the footsteps H.O.P.S could not explain at Bytown Museum. is their a "trickster" that hides within the wall of Bytown. Come and find out.

In the fall of 2017, H.O.P.S. will be adding entirely new paranormal equipment in which has never before been used on our tour. Nowhere else you will have a chance to experience the sensation of investigating to real Paranormal Investigators as you will with our H.O.P.S. team. Join us on our Open Public Paranormal Investigation Ghost Tour and become a real Paranormal Investigator.


© O.P.P.I (Open Public Paranormal Investigation)

The O.P.P.I (Open Public Paranormal Investigation) starts with you choosing one and maybe two  time frame; (time frame may vary according to locations), once you have selected your time you are requested to show up 40 to 45 minutes before the start time. The Watson's Mill investigation in Manokick, Ontario will take place again on October 14th 2017.

We ask that you arrive forty to forty five minutes prior to commencement and kindly dress accordingly, it gets very chilly, especially in the Watson's Mill. Upon arrival, you will be requested to sign a release form and read through the Public Investigation Protocol.

This information will explain your itinerary for the evening and provide tips on how to be successful in your quest for paranormal activity. You will be introduced to our paranormal investigators and learn their positions in our group along with the equipment that will be used that evening.


Have an Open Mind

During the evening you will go to different haunted locations of the Mill and spend over 1 hour (some exceptionsto time may apply) with a team of investigators. At these stations you will learn about their prior experiences at that location and will also have an opportunity to use their equipment, essentially doing your own individual investigation. Our investigators have their own proficiency in their fields, from EVP`s (electronic voice phenomenon), EMF (electro magnetic field) to DVR system analysis, and much more. Don't miss your opportunity to investigate with genuine paranormal investigators. Even more you could join our investigation team..

dan publicA new feature of our public Investigation is inviting you to our INTERVIEW ROOM. In this room we would to take about 1 minute to interview you and ask you some simple question pertaining to the evening. We would like to ask how the evening went, how we may be able to improve our O.P.P.I. This small interview would be greatly appreciated.







We would like to give gratitude to Subway Sandwiches and Salads, 5511 Manotick Main St, Manotick,Ontario for their subway food donation for our July public investigations. Many thank you.

Anne Crosby Currier loved roses.Since the first day Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society has been offering Ann Crosby Currier a rose to pay respect for her. Mill-Street Florist has been donating a "red rose" for H.O.P.S to make it possible to offer Ann her favorite flower.


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