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1. Introduction

A demon (rākshas) is the second in the hierarchy of ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) in ascending order. The category of demons actually includes a group of ghosts known as the rakshas and asurs. Hence their relative spiritual strength ranges from 10-100, where 1 is the relative strength of the lowest among ghosts, i.e. the common ghost (bhūt). Refer to the article on ‘Types of ghosts’. In the present times up until 2025, about 50% of society is affected or possessed by demons. This same 50% of the population will also be affected by their departed ancestors.


2. Drawing based on subtle-knowledge of the demon


Subtle drawing of a demon (rakshas)

Please note that this is just a rough guideline, as ghosts can take up any form depending on what they are trying to achieve.

3. Salient features of the demon

3.1 Place of residence on Earth region:


Ghosts generally reside in premises that have the same frequency as the subtle-region of Hell (Pātāl) of their origin or Raja-Tama vibrations that match their own. Demons prefer living in solitary places. They live alone on roof tops, attics of big firms or factories or big caves.


3.2 Physical features of demon

People possessed by demons when manifest display the following traits which are characteristic of demons:


3.3 Mental features of demon


3.4 Spiritual features of demons


4. How do demons affect human beings?

Demons work at the following levels to harm mankind.


4.1 Through the environment 


4.2 Material/Worldly level 


4.3 At a physical level 


4.4 At a mental level 


5. Remedy

Note: The spiritual level of the spiritual healer has to be at least 20% more than the ghost affecting or possessing the person he is trying to heal. When one is treated with external spiritual remedies one feels better for a while, but to get rid of this distress (which in many cases follows us from many births) permanently, it is important to do spiritual practice and generate continuous and lasting positivity first hand within us. Only then is it possible to get a permanent cure. If one complements the spiritual healing with chanting during spiritual healing then the distress is overcome in a shorter time.

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