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February 1, 20154 years ago

Director's Note-February 1st 2015

2nd meeting of the new year was full of ideas and discussion on how we will approach the group exposure. We have come to a decision that we will offer monthly paranormal workshops. these workshops will vary from 2 to 4 hours depending on the topic(s) Here are some topics we may give workshops on
  1. Dangers of Paranormal Investigations
  2. Is my house is haunted? A do-it-yourself approach
  3. I want them out! How to get rid of ghosts yourself
  4. The Possession Phenomena.
  5. How to protect yourself from negative entities and energies
  6. Communicating with Spirits
  7. Life after Death. What evidence have we got so far?
  8. I want to be a Ghost Hunter!
  9. Evidence behind the myths
  10. Legal aspects of Paranormal Investigations
  11. Ghost Technician 101. Lots of gadgets to handle!
  12. All the way to the Vatican! When a possession is legit
  13. How to interview a potential client
  14. How to start your own paranormal group...
These are only a few of many workshops topics we may have. We will keep you posted
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January 18, 20154 years ago

Directors Note-January 18- 2014

Year 2014 had come and gone. Established in 2001 Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society is one of the oldest paranormal group in Eastern Ontario, you could not ask for anything more when you have great dedicated and committed members.

2015 is expected to attract more interesting technique's and equipment and investigations. join us every week for updates on our new website.

Daniel Touchette Director Of Operations
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January 13, 20154 years ago

We Are Grateful

WE would like to say thank you, to all of our followers for being patience while our website was down. We are also working on a new look for our website, please stay in touch with us.
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