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About Our Paranormal Investigators

Daniel/Founder/Director Of Operations


Passionate about the paranormal, Daniel has been involved in this field for over 20 years now. He founded Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society (H.O.P.S) in 2001.

As a Certified Web Designer and a License Plumber over 32 years, Daniel’s past time consist of studying and educating himself even more in the paranormal but most of all he loves spending time with his daughter Amber Rose. Daniel is working on writing his first book on the paranormal.

As an ardent Paranormal Investigator, Daniel has a serious and strong interest and been studying and researching the past 3 years in Spiritual Warfare Demonology, identifying Negative Energy, Shielding and Grounding Techniques.

Numerous experiences have given Daniel a passion to share his visions and mission towards the success of Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society.



Jonathan, is a truck driver that hauls heavy machinery and wide loads. Sceptic at 99.9 %, he always looks for an explanation or a reason for whats happening.

Jonathan has always been curious about the paranormal and the human psychologie and abilities. After having his first paranormal experience in 2012 in the house he lived in while having renovations done, that is where he started looking and researching more on the paranormal .

Other than that, he has a loving family that he enjoys spending time with.

Alain/lead Investigator


Fascinated with the paranormal since joining the group in 2002 - 2003‎ I have collected extensive research from the paranormal world to the myth and legends of the unknown.

My first experience happened when I was 5 and 8 years old. My first encounter was waking up to a man standing at the end of my bed just looking at me.

I didn't know who it was then he disappeared. My second experience is when I was at my grandmother's house I saw strange lights coming from the field in the back of the house.

There was no noise and it was like has if the lights were moving in a circular motion. When you are young like that you don't really know what is happening. Knowing now what I know I would have understood better of both situations.