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Article written by: Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society

ghosts2 The first thing I would like to say is that everyone has its own interpretation of a ghost, with all the research and reading you may have done you may not agree with my definition or even research on this topic. The years I’ve been in this field and all the research I’ve done I came up with this interpretation of a ghost:

The first and probably the most commonly accepted definition of a ghost is the disembodied energy of a deceased human being that appears not only self aware, but quite capable of interacting within the linear world of time and space. Ghost is the energy of soul or dead people that are stuck between this plane and the next.ghost These ghost can interact with the living by audibly or visible by the naked eye. However, a ghost is normally depicted as something that haunts people or places and therefore gives off a feeling of fear. Unhappy ghost is often called "poltergeist.

Some ghost thought, for very personnel reason, either see the tunnel and rejects it or refuses to acknowledge it at all. Ghost who left their bodies but missed the tunnel are not even aware that they are dead. For them they are exactly where they were one hour ago a day ago a week ago. Nothing has changed for them except that they don’t understand why no one sees them or hear them, except now they are in a totally different frequency then they used to be.

People complaints about how noisy or annoying ghost are, try yourself to understand why you try to communicate with the living but it seems the ghost can’t be seen or heard 3 things I think ghost may stay behind for love, hate, and fear. Some stay behind to care for loves ones one wait till their lovers to come home, some stay behind to protect their important articles such as home and land, some have serious enemies and stay behind so seek revenge on real enemies they had while they were living (but get me right their revenge will never have happened by the way don’t spend time worrying about that) Try having everyone around you suddenly threading you like you don’t exist and see if that does not make you in a bad mood.

Some say that there is not such thing that a ghost is trapped eternally on earth, what you think. Ghost feed off our fear, this mean that they will do anything to make us feel uncomfortable, or frighten you for example, banging doors, things dropping off walls etc…this sounds and ways is a form for the ghost to be heard and noticed, and one we acknowledge them without fear and try to understand why they' are here, things will calm down. Now this article you may no agree with my research and finding. Do your own research and tell me otherwise?

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