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Marc & Eric

Outaouais Paranormal

Marc, Founder of Outaouais and Eric Investigator had the prospect to join us on a private investigation at Bytown Museum.
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Watson's Mill Investigation

Alain and Jonathan

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Administrator And Research Technologist

Jo-Anne is a walking historical library. Looking for Jo-Anne, you will find her in the archives library, or doing administrative work for the team. Her kindness and commitment makes Jo-Anne a important asset to the group.
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Established - January 2001


Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Unknown.

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How Can you prove it exist, when you can't prove it does not

EMF and its Groups

EMF is broken down in two groups

Ionizing and non ionizing radiation

1. This EMF that can break chemical bonds these wavelength of EMF are dangerous as they can quickly damage tissues and severe heath risk..

Example are ultra violet, x-rays , & gamma rays are example of ionizing radiation.

2. Non ionizing radiation is what produced by our electronic equipment, cell phones, house wiring & most of the things we come into contact during an investigation..

This is why it's important to be stationary while doing a EMF reading. If you cross a KII across a magnetic field it will sense the current generate & lights up even like a fridge magnet. Our instrument measures EMF in specific ranges or frequencies EMF are defined by their wave frequency. If you equate this to ocean waves the frequency is the distance between the waves crest, measured in meters. This is where it's important to understand what frequencies are produced by some of our common electronic. So if all these gizmos are around us, how we know if its paranormal?. This is where our understanding of EMF along with good investigation techniques come into play. First and foremost we must take initial readings of a room or a site to know where the natural sources are. This becomes our baseline and our point of reference for the evidence review create a map of the fields and label the strengths as close as possible before the session. Normal sources of high EMF include unshielded home wiring doorbell transformers fluorescent light ballasts. .

Other source of radiation consist of microwave antenna towers, cell phone towers & gsm network cell phones. Even power lines running directly overhead will produce a detectable field. If we consider paranormal activity as having some form of energy manipulation or modulation it makes sense that the electromagnetic fields would also be distributed. When we see fluctuation may actually be ripples in the field. When we see fluctuations in the baseline of our investigation site, we may actually be reading a ripple in the field caused by some unexplainable force. Consider tossing a pack into the center of a pond. The pack creates a ripple that can be measured EMF fluctuation may actually be ripple in the field caused by some unexplained force

 Written By: Daniel Touchette