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Techno Manager

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Review Analysis Public Speaker

Yannick Joined haunted Ottawa after participating in one of our public investigation. Dedication and Commitment yannick brings to H.O.P.S leadership and a will to learn on everything he can possible can.
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Administrator And Research Technlogist

Jo-Anne is a walking historical library. Looking for Jo-Anne, you will find her in the archives library, or doing administrative work for the team. Her kindness and commitment makes Jo-Anne a important asset to the group.
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Onsite camera Technician-Safety Coordinator

Crystal is member you want on your team. On site tech she exactly know what to do. As we get investigate Crystal is getting rewarded experiences.
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One Of Canada's Most Haunted Mill

Watson's Mill Manotick, Ontario

Do you dare to enter one of the most haunted mill in canada
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Open Public Paranormal Investigation

Fall Watson's Mill O.P.P.I 2014 "Halloween Night"

Public Investigations (O.P.P.I)Welcome to our Open Public Paranormal Investigation. (O.P.P.I). Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society (H.O.P.S.) had an inspiration to attract the public to locations that were previously investigated. The idea was to educate and increase awareness of these historic valuable sites and give you a look into how H.O.P.S. collects data for our research. Some areas within locations are not available to the general public and can only be accessed during a H.O.P.S. investigation. H.O.P.S in 2004 gave birth to this idea the Open Public
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Command Center

Hours of dedication from group members.
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Established - January 2001
" The Paranormal Truth Starts Here "
Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Paranormal.

About Haunted Ottawa

(H.O.P.S.) is a dedicated FREE VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION of people who do not have any preconceived or established beliefs about the paranormal. Together, we have a combined 25 years of paranormal experience. We are open-minded about ideas, beliefs, and further research and experimentation.

 Like most paranormal investigators around the world today, we are always learning and gathering knowledge as we explore and investigate reported hauntings around Ontario. We make our findings publicly available whenever possible so that the public can also share in our knowledge and discoveries. H.O.P.S. was formed in 2001 and is one of the first groups to offer public membership. H.O.P.S is dedicated to providing paranormal evidence from around North America. Read More...

A must see video of "The children Of the Grave" full 1 hour video.

 Experiencing A Hauntings !

Do you get and unwelcoming feeling your being watch even you feel your location may be haunted? If so, go to our contact page Click HERE. If you have any suggestions on location you would like Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society to  investigation please e-mail your suggestion to us! Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society anything that is "Supernatural" and Paranormal, such as Cryptozoology literally, "study of hidden animals") is a pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. e-mail us today.

We will travel anywhere in Eastern Ontario.