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Administrator And Research Technlogist

Jo-Anne is a walking historical library. Looking for Jo-Anne, you will find her in the archives library, or doing administrative work for the team. Her kindness and commitment makes Jo-Anne a important asset to the group.
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Hops Events

Watson's Mill Manotick, Ontario BBQ

Do you dare to enter one of the most haunted mill in canada
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Established - January 2001
" The Paranormal Truth Starts Here "
Ottawa's Oldest Established Paranormal Group Dedicated To investigate The Paranormal.
watsons mill public october 2015

About Haunted Ottawa

(H.O.P.S.) is a dedicated FREE VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION of people who do not have any preconceived or established beliefs about the paranormal. Together, we have a combined 25 years of paranormal experience. We are open-minded about ideas, beliefs, and further research and experimentation.

 Like most paranormal investigators around the world today, we are always learning and gathering knowledge as we explore and investigate reported hauntings around Ontario. We make our findings publicly available whenever possible so that the public can also share in our knowledge and discoveries. H.O.P.S. was formed in 2001 and is one of the first groups to offer public membership. H.O.P.S is dedicated to providing paranormal evidence from around North America. Read More...

 Experiencing A Hauntings !

Do you get and unwelcoming feeling your being watch even you feel your location may be haunted? If so, go to our contact page Click HERE. If you have any suggestions on location you would like Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society to  investigation please e-mail your suggestion to us! Haunted Ottawa Paranormal Society anything that is "Supernatural" and Paranormal, such as Cryptozoology literally, "study of hidden animals") is a pseudoscience involving the search for animals whose existence has not been proven. e-mail us today.

Behind The Legend Of Buck Hill Part 1.

written by Daniel Touchette/H.O.P.S Director Of Operations
buck hill

Every town or local village as its own myth or Urban legends. Urban Legends are handed down by our relatives and ancestor’s that can be told for centuries, these legend are told as traditional story sometimes popularly considered as historical but not authenticated. Arguably, urban legends may be considered a subculture of folklore since urban legends detail current events, myths and even misbeliefs that are perpetuated through word-of-mouth (oral tradition), social relevance (customs) and social media (community). Urban legends are generally considered falsehoods that become popular through circulation.


A Brief Discussion About the safety of Communicating with the Other Side

Attitude is everything. Attitude is an expression of our worldview, and it is our worldview that we use as a mold to build our personal reality. We have had a number of people ask us about the dangers in seeking to communicate with our friends on the other side. Some have expressed great concern that they might leave themselves open for attack from angry entities or that they might inadvertently invite a disruptive force into their home. The words, “demon” and “low levels” have come up more than once. We think a better term might simply be “less spiritually evolved entities,” as this is what they are. However, “low level” seems to be the term that is most used and understood.


Our Local History

The Victoria School Museum


carleton museum_smallThe Victoria School Museum, as a building, has had few but important uses. During it’s long life. In 1872, when construction began on the location, the plan was to build a standard loyalist style two-story stone structure which would principally house the Town Hall for the Village of Carleton Place. Included in this was a room for Council chambers from which the village affairs could be administered.

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